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Simple, fast and sophisticated

GAMA.CA is a 100% Quebec company created in 1996, it has grown steadily since then and acquired K-Bec Advertising in 2005. It now has about ten employees and wishes, with your support, to continue.



Monique Jones

Dynamic, she set up and structured three companies. Her talent for communication is undeniable. A long and rich executive experience in corporate service for National Bank of Canada is proof of this. The many customers who communicate regularly with her will be able to confirm her great skills, but above all, her obvious pleasure to serve you.


Raymond Dunberry

More than 10 years as Director of a car dealership that has become Canada's number one customer loyalty leasing company. Contractual trainer in automobile sales for the CCAQ as well as for Cégep Marie-Victorin and Trois-Rivières. President of an automobile dealership advertising association. His passion for the world of automotive and marketing (diploma in administration) can not lie.